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What you are facing on-line:

Viruses: virus, worm, and trojan.
Virus ataches itself to a program already installed on your PC, a worm infects any file or program it can reach on a network, a trojan pretends to be something else, and needs you to download and open it. There are combinations.
You can get any of those forms of viruses by downloading a file from the Internet, opening or downloading an e-mail attachment, or simply going to an Internet site, and not having Antivirus software instaled.

Hackers are people that perpetrate internet crime. They take over computers, steal personas information, goods, services, and money. If you get hacked, your computer can be used to perpetrate these crimes, your personal information, and your assets might get stollen.
You can get hacked by leaving an Internet broser window open for long time, by being connected to the Internet, and by not having Firewall software installed.

Spyware, adware
Spyware well covertly record personal information, online behaviour, files on computer. All of this stolen information can be used to steal your identity or assets, or for marketing purposes.
Adware is software that displays ads, usualy in the form of pop-up windows. Adware is sometimes installed volunteraly as part of free software.
Both spyware and adware can remain undetected for a long time. Both will slow down your computer.
You can get spyware and adware, without your knowledge or consent by going to an internet page, downloading and opening a program or file, and not having and using an Antispyware aplication.

What you can do:
You need to have Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall installed, updated, and use it as prescribed. (Some software will update itself, and/or scan automaticaly, some needs to be updated/scaned manualy)
We also recomend upgrading to browser instead of Internet Explorer for its superior security features and improved performance.
Firefox browser offers more protection in many ways: it warns you if you are trying to go to a website suspected to be dangerous, it will not let a website download any software without your express consent, reducing the risk of spyware, it offers easier, and more complete erasure of personal data.
Google toolbar offers blocking of automatic pop-ups, and improved search facility.

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