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If you are looking for information on digital media, in terms of different music file formats, look at the section on digital media formats.
Storage media, not Digital media.
A bit of confusing terminology. There is Digital Media, which is sounds, pictures, videos, in the formm of digital files. In this section we are not talking about digital media. We are talking about Storage Media. Which is CDs, DVDs, memory cards, and any other storage media that digital media goes on to. Just remember: sounds, pictures, and video: digital media. Anything that stores it: storage media.
The capacity or size of storage media is most often measured in MB or meg (megabytes) and GB or gig (gigabyte). The more MB, or GB, storage media has, the more information (audio, video, pictures, or other files) it can hold. 1GB=1,000MB. Or
1GB=1,000MB=1,000,000KB(kilobytes)=1,000,000,000bytes=8,000,000,000 bits. A bit is the smallest measure of computer memory or storage in this system, and is represented by one digit, that can be either one, or zero.
Disks that need laser light to read information stored on them are optical storage. This includes CDs, DVDs, CD-Rs, Blu-ray disks, and more.
Flash memory is very reliable. It has no moving parts, and does not need power to maintain information stored on it. Flash memory is used in audio players, cell phones, PDAs, flash drives, flash memory cards. It has very small physical size in relation to capacity.

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