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Computer Maitenance
When you first get your computer home from the store, or first have Windows installed/reinstalled, it seems to run so fast and smooth. But often after only a few weeks it seems to slow down, or even start behaving in strange, 'glitchy' ways.
It is posible to prevent this. While installing any new software will slow your computer down a bit, and even with "normal use", in time, the accumulation of user settings, and temporary files (and you need at least a minimal amount of both) will make your system just a bit slower to respond.
The bulk of slow downs and 'glitches' though can be easily prevented with some easy steps.
Disk Cleanup
Go to 'Start', 'Programs", 'Accessories', 'System Tools', 'Disk Cleanup'. When you click on 'Disk Cleanup' a popup window will appear saying "Disk Cleanup is calculating how much space you will be able to free on C:". If disk cleanup has not been run in a while, this can take some time. Be patient, go get a snack. Next time you do it, it wont take as long.
Defragment Hard Drive
In the same "System tools" tab in your Start Menu, is something called 'Disk Defragmenter'. It should be used after usuing disk cleanup.
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